When is the best time to buy a new car

Now, September is the best time for buying a new or gently used car. Up to the end of the year there may be deals but now is ideal. Dealerships are making room for new inventory and many are dealing. In addition to that, buying at the end of the month from a deal negotiated at the end of the day according to USAA car buying executive, Steve Harrison is to your advantage.

I recently bought a 2012 Camry Se with 35,000 miles or so for $15,000 appraised at $19,000 according to the bank. I think they used NADA to come up with the value.  You must fill out all of the information on any comparison too to get accurate info.  If you do a search for car you will see all types of advertisements at new car dealerships. Here are some tips in case you have not been on this car buying adventure before.

New Car Buyer Tips

  • First determine what type of cars you want to look at
  • Compare the insurance cost of the cars that you will be looking at
  • Compare the dependability, cost of repairs on the cars you will be looking at
  • Use a site like Cargurus.com to quickly find the best deals on what you are looking for
  • Check Carfax.com or AutoChek.com using the VIN number to find out if the vehicle has been wrecked
  • Don’t trade in your car if you still owe money on it. Unless you have 0% interest.
  • Check the cracks between the parts of used cars to see if it looks like it is an aftermarket part (ex. Around the hood should be even on all sides.)
  • Ask them if you can take it to your mechanic to check out. If they are OK with it, it is a good sign
  • Drive it at highway speed (on the highway, not backstreet) for 5 – 10 minutes, without the radio on. Listen for strange sounds.  Also make sure the car tracks straight down the lane.
  • If it drifts to one side or there is vibration get them to align it and rotate the tires before you will take it.
  • Invoice price is something that most people will tell you to find out to help you deal. Remember that is might not be what the dealer actually paid. It is often higher. It is a good idea to see what other car with the specs you are looking for sold for in your area.
  • Pay attention to interest rates on the load that you are getting for the purchase. Your best deal on a used car might be at a credit union if you have an account there.
  • Do not limit yourself to the dealership of the type of car you are looking for. Often Honda will have a great deal on used Toyota and Toyota will have a great deal on Honda.
  • When you find the car of your dreams, ask them to seal the deal take the dealership stickers and logos off before you will take it, unless you don’t mind.  I didn’t think about this until after the fact but I should have tried to use it as a bargain chip.  You take another $500 off, I will leave your emblem on and advertise your lot.  If you can’t deal I want that stuff off of the car before I will buy it.  I think it might work.  Try it.


Insurance Costs

Your insurance cost will vary depending on your driving record but also the type of car that you choose. For instance, Toyota Camry was the lowest for me in sedans. Nissan was the highest. The rate also takes into account the cost of replacement part and repairs as well as crash test results. So the rate actually tells you a lot about the vehicle in comparison to each other.

Some Places That You Might Find Good Deals

  • Private lots – which is where I found mine.  Impex Auto Sales.  I dealt with Anna.   She was very cool and patient.  Tell her I sent you.
  • Enterprise Car Sales – They actually have some good deals.  Even comes with a warranty no additional cost.  I was dealing with Amanda there.  She is ambitious in a great way.  Was going to go to Raleigh and pick up a car I was looking at immediately, lol. Tell her I sent you.
  • Outside of the City – I was surprised to see that Highpoint and Burlington were very competitive.  I also learned that Highpoint sells more cars than Greensboro according to my insurance agent.  I spoke to

Best of luck on your purchase. Take your time.

At Rice Toyota, I communicated with  Jerome Johnson via email.  They actually had some great deals as well.