What to do when it seems you are not getting traction

Don’t Be Deterred By the Lack of Traction Visible If….

frustrated peopleLately, I have been coming across young men and women who are trying to make waves in the world doing their own thing.  Luckily most of them seem not to be deterred by the lack of traction.  I suspect that somehow they know, there is traction occurring whether it is visible or not.  I suspect that they know there is traction because  when I asked what were they doing to keep the fire going, they had answers.  To summarize, they are studying their craft and continuing to practice with the intention of improving.

The difference in what they are doing and what you might not be doing is the studying and practicing that adds value and insight for creating the foundation from which to build and grow.  You have to do much more than want a thing.  You have to breathe it, eat it and sleep it for periods of time.  But don’t OD, take breaks to relax the mind as well! 

Don’t entertain the doubt or negative self talk about why it is not or will not work.  Don’t be in the company of other people who has that attitude either.  Most of all, have a vision of where you want to go and take action toward that vision consistently.

Have goals and a plan to achieve them.

Feed The Mind

Whatever it is that you are trying to do, dig into related research of material by people successful in that area.  Get the book, listen to the CD, visit the website, read the blogs.  Essentially, you are making a mentor out of the people who have succeed in what it is that you are wanting to succeed in.  Oh, you are doing something new?  That’s cool too.  There are still aspects of it and principles that are universal in all aspirations.  Material about the thought process, focus, mind power, success, leadership, time management and even building relationships and getting along with people.

Here are a few books that I recommend that are empowering no matter what you are trying to do….

  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People – Earl Nightingale
  • 7 Habits of Highly Influential People – Steven Covey
  • How to Get What You Want – Zig Ziglar
  • The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton
  • Transforming the Mind To Overcome Adversity – Me! 🙂

Yes I did put my book in the list with the great, lol.  I can do that.

Really.  Know that  if you are doing the underlying work and you determine what activities are required for you to improve and you are willing to do those, you will be getting better.  At any moment everything could began moving fast.  Often we see people doing big things it we believe that it happened quickly for them.  Actually, they were working at it for a while with no one noticing.  Then, a law because relevant to their journey.  I call it the law of good luck,  “When opportunity meets a person prepared”.

Summary of Activity For Traction

Keep your eyes and ears open and just keep working on getting better at what you do.  Also, get out there and network.  Meet people and find out what they do and how you can help them using your skills.  As Zig would say, “Help others get what they want, and you will get everything that you want”.  So here are three things that I want you to do….

  • Keep learning – (Yourself and the craft)
  • Keep practicing – (On improving self  and the craft)
  • Keep meeting people – (Ask about them and what they do)

I promise you, that you will gain traction and it will soon be visible.