What should I go to school for based on my job?

First and foremost, what you go to school for shouldn’t be based solely on your job.  Unless, you like the type of work, environment, industry, etc.  In which case, you can see what types of jobs/careers are available related to your job.

If you just LOVE your job and you want to be of more value at that job and want to better position yourself to move up, then you should find something that is related to your job.  What could you learn that would enhance your knowledge and/or make you more valuable to the company.  Or what would help you to be better at your job? (note to self, write about that)

First, pursue something that will not only make you valuable there but valuable to any company.  You must look out for yourself long term.

Now.  If you work with me at Lenovo then you are likely already familiar with SAP.  Well guess what, SAP is global and used by many manufacturers.  I have looked into some curriculums because I have been encouraging some of my co-workers to go back to school and they ask me what to take.  Even Babaca is going back to school but hadn’t decided on what to major in yet.  Lenovo will pay for some of this training by the way, I think.  Look into it.  Bureau of Labor Statistics expect Global Logistics Technology related careers will grow by 22% by 2022.  Expected Salary is $72,000.

GTCC is an awesome school because they are steadily improving and adding programs that are practical and useful for local people to get employed and advance.

They have Global Logistics Technology Management & Distribution.  The curriculum will teach you SAP in dept and other warehouse logistics and management material.   Also, you will learn more about technology which is used in the workplace.  Universal knowledge that makes you more valuable at work and to the marketplace.

There is a short Certificate program as well as a Degree program.

Global Logistics Technology & Distribution Management Certificate is only 16 Credits

The certificate requires these classes

Fall Semester I

  • LOG 110 Introduction to Logistics Credits: 3

Total Credits: 3

Spring Semester I

  • LOG 125 Transportation Logistics Credits: 3

Total Credits: 3

Fall Semester II

  • LOG 215 Supply Chain Management Credits: 3
  • LOG 235 Import/Export Management Credits: 3

Total Credits: 6

Spring Semester II

  • LOG 250 Advanced Global Logistics Credits: 4

Degree Program is here

There are some other curriculum  that you could take.  Don’t have time to write about it right now, but I will later.  You can do some research yourself however in the meanwhile.  The tract that I took was IT.  Ideal for NRC, Repair and Returns  and of course Manufacturing as well.  However, IT is a huge field.  I will talk about it later.