Welcome to my Blog!

I am here to help you in any way that I can.  Just joking.  I will help you by making blog posts.  Don’t ask me for Jack!  Just joking.  Ok…Ok.. Don’t worry, it gets better.  Lol.  Lets get down to business.  This blog may get silly or serious real quick.  That’s pretty much who I am.  So there you go.  This is a blog not an office.  Relax and enjoy!

However, I will tell you that there will be very useful and important information posted here.  It may pertain to work, school, life, building a website, coding, editing video, trucking, study, ideas for making money or increasing traffic to your business or anything in between.

Basically, a lot of people ask for my help in various ways about many different things.  While I like helping, my time is limited.  With this blog, I can help more people at once and over time repeatedly.  I like that idea.  My passion is helping people.

I remember when I was young, seeing all the people in the neighborhood call my Dad for his help with everything that you could imagine.  I used to always wonder, “How could he know so much about so many different things?”  Well, I don’t know how he knew things but I think seeing that caused me to have a quest for learning all that I could about many things.  So I read, researched, listened and reflected and still do.  I’ve paid for counseling training, parenting training, life coach training, personal fitness certification, PC troubleshooting and repair even weatherization, lol.  I think the saying is Jack of all trades and master of none.

What I have mastered is being happy.  Yet it’s has been the hardest thing to help people with.  It’s from that platform that I serve you and hope to make your day a little more interesting and fun.  In addition to the info that you might find here, take note of the attitude toward it and life and how it may differ at times from what is the common viewpoint.  Make sure your thoughts are not a copy of what everyone else thinks.  Be a student of life and develop your own thoughts based on information and good ideas.

By the way, be advised, in addition to my thoughts, ideas and opinions about the journey of life, I will take the liberty to self promote from time to time.  🙂