How Do You View Life?

On a rainy day aboard a plane, going to San Antonio, while I was gazing out the window thinking about how great the next for days was going to be, I heard a lady in the back.  Saying how it was such a bad day for flying.  How the trip was going to be terrible and ruined if it rained the entire time in San Antonio.

Airplane in the rainIt made me think.  Wow, we are experiencing the same thing.  I am happy, she is sad.  I am looking forward to the fun I will have.  She is thinking about how terrible it is going to be if the conditions are not what she wants.  Notice, my plans to enjoy this trip is not conditional of anything else.  I already know I am going to have a good time.  She may or may not.

It seems that she has already sat herself up to have a spoiled trip due to something that she can not control.  How often in life to we take an issue that we are facing and make it bigger than it really is.  Give it more power than it should have in our lives.  Let it negative affect our state of mind and outlook on something else or even life in general at least for the time being.

Think about it.  Not only does this take up time that you could be focused on something else, it also makes you stress.  That releases toxin in your body, which compromises your immune system.  Now you might have other issues.

That’s not it.  Supposed while you are in that mind state you also need to meet with a client, potential employer, etc.  How is it going to affect that encounter/relationship.

So we need to monitor how we view things in life.  Especially those things in which we can do nothing about.