Believe In Yourself

I was doing  paper for Sociology a few weeks ago.  For the paper, I interviewed 4 young ladies in another class.  I asked them, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, what number represents that amount of difficulty you feel you will have reaching your goals because you are a woman.  I couldn’t believe the numbers that they gave me.
I got two 7’s, one 8 and one 10.   I was floored.   The idea that they would believe that there would be that much resistance toward them getting the things out of life they wanted was hard to digest.  Two of these young ladies were high school seniors taking colleges classes.  The other 2 were early 20’s.  Here these two young ladies already making great choices and taking steps to get ahead but expecting it to be harder than it should.

At first, I thought that this was a terrible thing.  As I think about it further though, maybe it isn’t so bad, at least not for them.  For them, maybe it means that they are planning to work that much harder to get there.  Which means that they will likely do just fine.
Having said that, I wanted to say address this because I am sure that there are many people who feel that there is a force against them getting ahead and because of that, will justify not even trying to reach their goals.  That I feel is a big mistake.

We must remember that much of the idea of how much resistance that we will face is simply made up in our heads.  We internalize the worst stories about unfairness, discrimination, inequality and it magnifies how hard it is to get ahead or reach our goals.  We need to remember that these stories are reported on and publicized much more often than the successful journeys of people knocking down doors and overcoming challenges.  Despite, setbacks, unfairness, discrimination or bad luck, people do get ahead, they do reach their goals and they live their dreams.

You need to start your journey with the belief that it is possible for you, not that the world is against you.
You also need to network with others that you feel are in a similar situation as you and want the same things out of life as you.  That way you can share info, insight and resources with each other to help you get even more traction toward your goals.